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SEPT 23 – JAN 24

Rue Royale 250,
1210 Brussels
+32 2 220 66 11

nhow Brussels
art, social and creative hub

Creative hub, vibrant experience, inspirational design, nhow Brussels is a 4-star superior hotel where art comes to life. Located in the lively Botanique area of the city, this hotel lives and breathes art in all its different states. nhow Brussels is a blank canvas and cultural hub for globetrotters, business travelers and Brussels locals.

Art and creativity: these are the two words that best characterize nhow Brussels. Welcome to the funkiest hotel in Brussels. A place where art, creativity and inspiration are part of our DNA. During your stay, expect to see all forms of creativity come to life in unexpected ways. Different artists are allowed a place to shine in different areas of the hotel. Imagine, an unique art piece in every bedroom and expositions throughout the public areas of the hotel.

nhow Brussels x Laetitia De Meyer

From September 2023 until the end of January 2024, the lobby of nhow Brussels is taken over by the coloful art of Laetitia De Meyer.

Her artistic work is not limited to visual creation; it also aims to provoke reflection on our consumption and our impact on the environment. By questioning our relationship with objects and consumption, she hopes to raise awareness of our ecological footprint. Each piece she creates is an invitation to reconsider our relationship with materials, to value recycling and to find new ways of giving everyday objects a second life.

By combining sensory exploration, creativity and environmental awareness, her work as a self-taught visual artist seeks to open up new perspectives, stimulate the senses and stimulate the imagination